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Manzie R Lawfer

Hi! I'm Manzie Lawfer, owner of 2 Way Radio Express.

We are here to help you get the best radios for your needs and budget.

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Call 800-557-3083 to get all the help you need! Our radio experts are standing by to help you find the best two way radio equipment for your specfic application and budget.

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Spin Recovery
Posted: Nov 5, 2015

Hi Friends, Jay is my son and works in our tech support department. He has always been adventuresome. During this past year or so Jay earned his private...


2 Way Radio Express offers the best value in commercial grade two way radios and accessories delivered to your door. Our "7 day free trial" lets you try before you buy. Every two way radio we sell is reliable, easy to use and affordable.

If you need help deciding which is the best radio for you just give us a call at 1-800-557-3083. Our help desk is available Monday thru Saturday from 8 AM till 8 PM.

Our radios are available on a 12, 24, 36 or 48 month lease programs and are covered under our exclusive extended warranty.

Walkie Talkie vs. 2 Way Radio

Some people call them “walkie talkies” or “walky talky” or “hand held radios” or “handy talkies” or “job site radios” but they are all essentially the same in how they operate and in the commercial world are called land mobile or 2 way radios.

Land mobile radios come in three styles: the hand held style, the mobile style and the base station style.

Hand held radios are radios that you can hold in your hand and operate as you move about. Today these radios are lightweight, compact and powerful. Commercial grade walkie talkies are used at construction sites, schools, dental offices, retail stores, government facilities and any place that clear immediate communicates can increase safety, efficiency and productivity.

Mobile 2 way radios and base station 2 way radios radios are essentially the same except for how they are mounted and used.

A mobile 2 way radio is mounted in a vehicle and uses the battery of the vehicle as a power supply. Additionally the mobile two way radio has a separate antenna that is mounted on the roof, fender or someplace else on the vehicle.

The same mobile two way radio becomes a base station two way radio when it is operated from a desk or counter and connected to regular house electric current as a power source. The base station two way radio typically uses an exterior antenna that is mounted on the roof of the building.

Hand held walkie talkies, mobile two way radios and base station two way radios are two way radios because they receive radio signals and also send radio signals. The communications are two way.

Hand held walkie talkies, mobile two way radios and base station two way radios are completely compatible and operate seamlessly with each other.

Call us today at 800-557-3083 and we will help you find the best two way radios for your application and budget.

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