2 Way Radio Etiquette

Hi Friends,

I am not Miss Manners however I do promote good 2 way radio etiquette. Two way radios  are simplex devices. Simplex is the protocol of “You speak, I listen. I speak you listen.” This is as opposed to duplex where we both speak and listen nearly simultaneously (think telephone or in person communication).

Early on in radio time, radio users would announce “Roger” or “Over” or “Over and Out”. “Roger” meant I understand what you just said or I hear you and you can go on talking. “Over” was announced after the user spoke to indicate completion of a thought and now it’s your turn to speak. “Over and Out” meant not only am I finished speaking but I am also finished with this conversation.

Modern radios have programmable features like opening and trailing beeps. Opening beep is a sound the radio makes at the beginning of a broadcast to indicate someone has opened their radio and is about to speak.

A trailing beep is a sound the radio makes at the end of a broadcast to indicate someone has released their push to talk button.

These opening and closing beeps replace the need for the use of roger, over, over and out and all the other radio vernacular of the past.

So you can pretty much forget about learning any special language in order to meet or exceed the etiquette requirements for modern 2 way radio. Instead remember the lesson that Howard Stern taught to public broadcasters and that is “no potty mouth”. Also do not hog the airwaves. As long as you have your push to talk button pushed in no one else can talk. Take a breath and let go of the button.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer