2 Way Radio Free Trial

Hi Friends,

Our customers are schools, businesses and government agencies. Many of these folks come to us with either no experience in using two way radios or they have used radios but their experience was no good.

Our customers that had bad prior experiences with 2 way radios tell us, “the radios didn’t broadcast far enough.” Or, “the sound was so bad we couldn’t understand each other.” Or, “all we could hear we construction workers in our area and their language was terrible.”

Our customers that had no prior experiences also reported they never nothing about 2 way radios and were not sure what to even look for when shopping.

We know that every location is unique. Power lines, buildings and electronic equipment are just a few of the factors that effect 2 way radio performance.

Our customers tell us that our 7 day “free trial” is very helpful in choosing the right 2 way radio equipment.  By taking advantage of our free 7 day 2 way radio trial you’ll know how well our equipment works before you spend a dime.

The 7 day free trial also helps our customers choose the right features and accessories for their application. The trial answers the question of which frequency is best, how much power do I need, how many channels are right for our business and will the radios perform to our expectations.

Our free 7 day two way radio trial is available to businesses, schools and government agencies operating in the USA. Give us a call now at 239-601-1969 and we will email or fax our short “Free Trial Form” for you to complete and return. We usually ship your trial radios no later than the next business day. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer