2 Way Radio Genius

Hi Friends,

Does the word genius come from the root word genuine or genesis? I don’t know but it seems that genius, genuine and genesis all have a connection.

The “Genius Bar” at the local Apple Store not withstanding have you noticed how a true genius has an ability to explain things in the most rudimentary terms. The simple explanation is the easiest to understand. That’s the genius.

Shakespeare was a literary genius. He explained the human condition in simple but dramatic terms: “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

This simplicity is the core of being genuine. It is basic but it is real and it is profound.

True genius is rooted in the most basic truths and principles. Einstein, Newton, Edison and all the geniuses of art and  science have had first and foremost a total command of the fundamentals.

My sister is a terrific cook. She is a fabulous baker. Her genius is baking. Her pies and cakes are true art. Her genius does not lie in complexity. Her genius is not expressed in fancy multiple layering or frosting that depicts a famous face or scene. Her genius is texture and taste: the most fundamental nature of the baking art.

My sisters work in the kitchen is rooted in years of genuine experience. I remember when she got married. Up until getting married she never really did any cooking or baking. Soon after the honeymoon my sister started making pies. She would bake a pie and then sit back and critique her work. Too much water. Too little sugar. The dough is overworked. The pie is undercooked. She must have made a thousand pies. Through genuine experience she gained her genius.

Today when my sister bakes she doesn’t make marinated Northumbrian raspberry strata pound cake parfait. Instead she will spend hours perfecting a simple strawberry pie or red velvet cake or even the common biscuit.

Genius is genuine and is rooted in the most basic fundamentals.

Our 2 way radio business is based on building relationships with customers. Offering the best value in 2 way radio products. Including great service with every 2 way radio.

Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy and that’s the genius of it.

Best  Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer