2 Way Radio Reviews

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The less you know about something the more important the price. Think about it. The less you know about a product you are shopping for the more important the price appears.

For example, you are shopping for lettuce. One head of lettuce costs only a dollar. You don’t know anything about lettuce so you say, “let’s buy it, it is only a dollar.” Your wife or husband is a gourmet. They say, “I don’t want it. It is not organic. It just plain old iceberg. It is not even fresh.” Your significant other has forgotten more about lettuce then you will ever know. Guess what? The more you know about lettuce the less significant the price. Same is true of everything else. The more you know about something, the less important the price.

The less you know the more important the price. The more you know the less important the price.

Price is only important when you are comparing similar products or services.

Don’t compare 2 way radios on price unless the 2 way radios are comparable.

If you want to compare 2 way radios you first need to review 4 specific attributes:

The power of a 2 way radio is measured in watts. More wattage means better distance and sound quality.

A 2 way radio battery should have a sufficient duty cycle to perform to your expectations. For commercial applications a 2 way radio needs at least an 8 hour duty cycle.

Durability is demonstrated by meeting or exceeding Military Specifications, IP rating and the warranty being offered.

Two way radio features should the number of channels and special features that are meaningful to your application.

Using these 4 attributes to compare 2 way radios will produce far better results than relying on price alone.

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