2 Way Radio Solutions

Hi Friends,

We are a solutions based company. We sell great products at affordable prices but we are really a provider of solutions. We believe 2 way radios are the best way to increase safety, efficiency and productivity.

This year we have been able to provide even greater solutions with 2 new products.

The  first product is the TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio. If you haven’t seen the video you should visit our website and click on the “Click here to watch a video demonstrating the durability of the TecNet TP-8000 radios.” The video shows this radio being dunked in a creek, shot with a powerful rife and dropped off a thirty foot platform. If you need exceptional durability in a low price this is a great radio for you. The TecNet TP-8000 is regularly priced at $329 but for a limited time is on sale for only $299.

The second new product that delivers an increase in safety, efficiency and productivity is Straight Talk. Straight Talk connects any two or more broadcast areas (this means you can talk across the street or across town or across the country). Straight Talk let’s you use your cell phone, computer, tablet or any device with an IP address to talk to each other or 2 way radios from anywhere in the world. Straight Talk is available in four versions: Straight Talk Fixed Site, Straight Talk Mobile, Straight IWalkie and Straight Talk for Fleets. Straight Talk is available for as little as $5.

Let us help you increase safety, efficiency and productivity with 2 way radios. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.