2 Way Radios and Bicycle Pumps

Hi Friends,

I ride a bicycle everyday. My office is only a mile and a half from our home so it is more convenient to ride a bike than to drive a car. Plus my bike doesn’t need gas or oil and I don’t have collision insurance or for that matter any kind of insurance on my bike.

I also ride my bicycle down to the beach and around the neighborhood for exercise. Things looks different on a bicycle. Houses, stores and buildings I rode by in my car for years appear much different from the saddle of my bike. Bicycles are cool.

Bicycle are pretty much trouble free however you still need to pump air into the tires every week or so. I have been using a Bell Windstorm Floor Pump with gauge for nearly 10 years. Along the way I installed a new valve and replaced the hose but otherwise it has served me well…. until yesterday when the handle sheared from the pump action piston.

If I had a complaint with the Windstorm it would be the difficulty in attaching the valve and the loss of air when removing the valve.

A quick trip to the nearby KMart and I acquired a handsome slimline Schwinn All Steel Floor Pump with gauge. Wow! What a difference. The Schwinn’s valve attached easily and detached without any loss of air. The pump action is smooth and efficient. A few strokes of pump action and I was looking at the gauge register 60 pounds.

My tires will take up to 90 pounds but 60 psi is just the right amount for me. Sixty pounds of air pressure assures easy pedaling but still with some cushion in the ride.

The new Schwinn air pump is a winner. Even if I only get 5 years out of this pump I’ll be pleased. The Schwinn All Steel Floor Pump with gauge was about $20.

I love it when something works the way it is suppose to and satisfies my quest for thrift.

That’s how I feel about every 2 way radio we offer. Each 2 way radio we feature is designed for a particular application. Some of our 2 way radios are ideal for schools while other 2 way radios are best used on construction sites. Each 2 way radio is a little different but each one works the way they are suppose to and will satisfy your quest for thrift.

Let us help you find the best 2 way radios for your school, business or government agency. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer