2 Way Radios and Hot Crab Fritters

Hi Friends,

We live and work in Naples, Florida. Naples is a great place to live year round but it is also a resort town. I don’t know the exact numbers but Naples probably doubles in population during the winter months.

People come here for the terrific weather (it is February as I write this and today’s high will be in the 80’s. People come here for the beach, golfing, great restaurants and an increasing abundance of events.

Every weekend during season Naples features all kinds of special events. (Season is what the locals call January thru April.) This weekend it was the National Arts Festival, the Strawberry Festival, an Antique Car Show and several concerts. Next weekend is Craft Beer Festival, Florida’s Got the Blues Festival, Lorenzo Walker Air Show and Pancake Breakfast (I am going to this) and at least a dozen flea and farmer’s market. We have festivals to celebrate local seafood, boating, swamp buggy racing, model railroading  and a long list of other stuff.

The traffic here is unbelievable. Because of the high volume of visitors and their average age exceeding the average age getting around town can be problematic. (Note that there is nothing automatic about problematic.)

The special events and the special time of year and the nature of being on vacation all add an element of suspense and act now and limited time offer and so on.

In our 2 way radio business we strive to consistently improve. We are not about the special sale or limited time offer. Our 2 way radio products are reliable, easy to use and affordable. We work everyday to improve those features. We are forever looking to find products that better accomplish this criteria.

Two way radio improve safety, efficiency and productivity. These are important missions for every business. We consistently and constantly promote the use of 2 way radios for these purposes.

None of this is as immediately gratifying as biting into a hot crab fritter served from a tent at the Art Show but its appeal is much more long lasting.

Let us help you find the best 2 Way Radio equipment for your needs and budget. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy and long lasting.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer