2 Way Radios and No Campaign Bitterness

Hi Friends,

The politically aware Joy Ann and I enjoyed following the presidential campaign. We were rooting for Romney. We really believe Mitt has the answers. We believe the country needs to change course.

Our typical evening over the past year has been to watch Fox News Channel Special Report with Bret Baier and then tune in to Bill O’Reilly a little later. In the mornings we kept up on all the political news by watching Fox and Friends.

Last evening we were on pins and needles waiting for election results. Over the past few days there was a great deal of hoo’ ha over Romney gaining in the polls and some were forecasting a landslide for Mitt. Pundits including Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh and others were detecting a major shift in political thinking towards Romney. All this prognosticating just added to our enthusiasm.

Mitt jumped to an early lead but it didn’t mean much because he was expected to win Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and other states that were the first to report. Florida is a  mother lode of electoral votes but as best I can tell they are still counting votes from the Bush vs Kerry contest.

I don’t know why Florida has not been able to develop vote counting skills. It is similar in effect to BMW’s total lack of ability to design a headliner that resists falling on the occupants of their most expensive models .

We went to bed not knowing the outcome but still fairly certain that Mitt would prevail.

We got up early to learn Obama won re-election. I have to admit I immediately felt disappointment and even bitterness. It is hard for me to accept the outcome. I felt physical pain. I felt physically like I was gagging. It was hard to breathe.

My discomfort was now constant. I really don’t want bitterness to dominate my thinking. All of us have to recognize the value and virtue of majority rule and our mutual value.

As I was preparing breakfast the ever observant Joy Ann pointed out my tee shirt was on backwards. After adjusting my wardrobe my discomfort subsided and I feel much better. I am still disappointed but I have to say the gagging and difficulty breathing symptoms of bitterness are gone.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer