2 Way Radios and Poison Raspberry Ultra Drops

Hi Friends,

We use Google advertising to find new customers. We also use Facebook, LinkedIn,   Twitter and continually update our website to attract interest for 2 Way Radio Express. Finding new customers is a never ending job for most every business.

Of course after you attract new customers you have to make them happy and want to buy from you again and again. Keeping in touch with customers is critically important and is just as challenging as finding them in the first place. We send out a 2 way radio newsletters twice a month. Our blog (which you are currently reading) is written to keep in touch with our friends, prospects and customers. Our blog typically talks about stuff that is important to us and the people that use 2 way radio equipment. Sometimes it is about playing guitar or riding bicycles or other things that occupy our lives and bring us pleasure but more often it is about 2 way radio equipment.

Life revealed: it is the new millenium and we are living on the web.

Last week I was looking at my Facebook page and what to my wandering eye did appear but an entry from me touting some diet plan.

“hey, i’ve been on Raspberry ultra drops for about 2 weeks now and lost over 12lbs! you should really check this out… I thought it was bogus, but it actually works…

It even had my profile picture. The thing is… this was not from me. I have never heard of Raspberry Ultra Drops. Even if I had heard of them I can’t imagine my so called endorsement would mean anything. If my endorsement is worth anything I want it to be promoting 2 way radios not Raspberry Drops.

I feel hacked. I feel violated. I’ve been taken advantage of. Help me! Show these scallywags they can’t just push people around. Don’t buy Raspberry Ultra Drops. Instead buy 2 way radios. Buy 2 way radios from us. You’ll be striking back for decency and the American Way. Buying 2 way radios is the right thing to do.

Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy. Call us at 239-601-1969 today.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer