2 Way Radios and SweeTango Apples

Hi Friends,

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes was the one where Kramer tries to return a peach and ultimately gets barred from the local fruit stand. Kramer doesn’t want to pay for the fruit because it doesn’t taste good. The fruit stand operators tells Kramer he can’t be responsible for the taste. The bottom line is the unreliable nature of fruit.

There is a Fresh Market across the street from our office. I buy all our fresh produce and especially fruit there. The health conscious Joy Ann insist on fresh fruit everyday. Fresh Market is consistently reliable. They charge a little more but it is well worth the price.

The Fresh Market is where I first learned about SweeTango apples. SweeTango apples were developed at the University of Minnesota by crossing Honeycrisp and Zestar apples. SweeTango apples are crunchy, sweet, juicy and have terrific favor. SweeTangos are the best apple I have ever eaten. It not just me, everyone in the office and everywhere else says the same thing. SweeTango apples are reliably delicious.

When I was in college my friend, Jerry Richardson, was perpetually trying to lose weight. He was forever going on single food diets. He could be seen walking across campus with a bag of grapefruit or apples or whatever other single food diet he was on. Jerry never really lost any weight because he would tire of eating just grapefruit or  oatmeal long before any weight was lost. In other words one can only eat so much grapefruit.

Not so with the SweeTango. The growers of this fabulous fruit are part of a co-op. It is almost a franchise. One grower said that he didn’t think he was competing with other fruit growers. He felt like he was in competition with Frito Lay and other snack food producers. He said his 10 year old son preferred a SweeTango over a Snickers bar.

Had the SweeTango been available back in the day Jerry might have been skinny little guy. It is great when a product is a game changer.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer