2 Way Radios and the Microwave Egg Cooker

Hi Friends,

My mother’s father, my grandfather, came to this country from Italy. I don’t think he had two nickels to rub together when he landed on Ellis Island. He was a hard worker, had a great sense of humor and loved everyone he met.

He became an entrepreneur and the first general contractor in the state of Maine. He did quite well for himself and made a boatload of money. Hooray! My grandfather indulged himself and his American pride by buying every new appliance that was introduced. I think his family was the first in his town to have a refrigerator, a toaster, washing machine, radio and anything else that ran on electricity and could be bought locally. Some of these inventions are now available in every home. Some of the early appliances faded away. Home dry cleaning has never caught on. Home bread making, home haircuts and do it yourself auto painting have been hit or miss over the years.

I guess it is because of cable TV and the abundance of shows to advertise on we are forever being introduced to new products. Showtime Professional Rotisserie, Sticky Buddy and electric shock belts to help you lose weight while you relax are a few of the current inventions being introduced to the public. Some of this stuff catches on and becomes very popular. Others not so much.

My mother, God rest her soul, inherited her father’s fascination of new gadgets. My mom loved to order stuff off TV. She could watch the Home Shopping Channel all day. Most of the things she bought she either returned or never used. It was cheap entertainment and less harmful than a lot of others things she might have done for thrills.

Most recently, the MicroWave Egg Cooker, one of my mother’s TV finds has been discovered and past down to my granddaughter. I guess the attraction to this type thing skips generations.

Callie is a freshman in high school and is using the MicroWave Egg Cooker everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. She not only loves eggs she loves to prepare them in her newly inherited MicroWave Egg Cooker.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer