2 Way Radios in Oz

Hi Friends,
Repeat customers are the most important asset of any company. Nothing is more important than having your customers come back and buy again and again. The concept of repeat customers and why customers come back totally occupied my thinking a few years ago. I was so engaged with the notion and study of repeat customers that I wrote the book, “Why Customers Come Back: How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty.” I traveled all over the country giving talks and visiting with business people to learn how they encouraged their customers to buy again and again.

My book is still available on Amazon and from most booksellers all over the world.

In a dare devil scheme, to test my theories on customer loyalty, I devoted myself to building a business built completely on the principles that I wrote about. (If anything I’m risk taker.)

2 Way Radio Express is that business. We have been selling 2 way radios for 9 years. Our business model is based on developing repeat business and our customers are very loyal, thank you very much.

I don’t give talks or travel the country anymore. I don’t publish articles like I did a few years ago. I guess you could say I have throw-in-the-towel on trying to convince other businesses to use the customer loyalty principles I wrote about. Not because they don’t work but because they work so well I am enjoying my own enterprise.

Imagine my surprise when ‘What to my wander eye did appear’ but an article on customer loyalty written by me on the internet site “Marketing Now”. Marketing Now is an Australian company that sells advertising on their site. So for example, my article on “People Do Business With People” is featured right next to ads for allergy medicine and pancake mix. The pancake mix guy is paying to have his advertisement seen next to my article. Marketing Now disassembled my book into dozens of articles and is selling advertising space next to each of these articles.

You don’t have to read an Australian website to learn how we encourage customer loyalty, just give us a call. Doing business with us is easy. You’ll want to come back.

Manzie R Lawfer