2 Way Radios Prove Evolution

Hi Friends,

First let me say that this is not about the Darwinian theory and man morphing from monkeys type of evolution. While that is an interested subject (and by the way I can prove conclusively that man is God’s creation) this is about the evolution of 2 way radios.

Nearly 10 years ago when I got involved in the two way radio business a full powered (4 watt UHF) radio cost around $500. This $500 radio had a 1100 milli amp nickel cadmium battery with a duty cycle of 8 to 10 hours. The life expectancy on the battery was maybe a year or two. These radios were durable but they were also heavy. Typically these radios weighed a hefty 14 to 16 ounces. They could withstand shock and vibration but were no where near as water resistance as today’s radios. Radio manufacturers did not start using the IP scale to declare water resistance until much more recently.

Most of the older radios used crystals to determine the radio’s transmit and receive frequencies. Crystals were permanent. If you want to change the frequency you had to change the crystals. Today, silicon chip technology let’s radio users control frequency and frequency changes with software and a cable between a computer and the radio.

Ten years ago most 2 way radios had 2 or 4 or maybe 8 channels. Today most commercial grade radios have 16 programmable channels and some specialized radios have 128 to 512 channels.

Today’s radios have advanced signaling that can open or close a switch, send a text message, provide emergency alert, announce a man down or a thousand other tasks.

Today’s radios are more water resistant, have more optional accessories, batteries with longer duty cycles and life expectancy, weigh less, have better warranties and cost about one third less.

Today’s radios have dramatically evolved over the last 10 years. Radio evolution is taking place constantly and consistently.

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Manzie R Lawfer