13 Reasons

Hi Friends,

It is tax season in the USA. People are filing their taxes and either getting a little money back or having to send more money to Washington, DC.

I hope you are but I am never one of those people who gets money back. It seems I always have to pay more.

H&R Block is a very popular tax preparation company that operates over 11,000 retail tax offices in the USA. Henry W. Bloch and his brother Richard Bloch founded the company in 1955. I guess they thought there was magic in spelling their name B-L-O-C-K instead of the original B-L-O-C-H spelling.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s H&R Block had television advertisements featuring Henry Block. Henry was shown behind a desk sharing the 13 reasons to use H&R Block to prepare your taxes. I don’t remember any of the reasons but I do remember there were 13. Each advertisement featured a different one of the 13 reasons. As time marched on and the filing deadline got closer the reasons for using H& Block didn’t become any more or less compelling. The fundamental need to file before the deadline was the driver and the 13 reasons were justifications for choosing H&R Block.

I use H&R Block. My kids use H&R Block. My Dad uses H&R Block. Some years I have filed using online tax preparation services and some years I have used software that I picked up at Office Depot to prepare my tax forms but I prefer to meet mano-a-mano with a H&R Block trained preparer.

We have been selling 2 way radios for several years. We could put together a list of 13 reasons why you should buy 2 way radios from us. Heck I can think of hundreds of reasons why we would like you to buy 2 way radios from us.

More important is the reason for using 2 way radios at your school or business. The list of specific reasons to use 2 way radios could fill pages. But the compelling and fundamental reasons for using 2 way radio are:

2 way radios increase safety
2 way radios boost efficiency
2 way radios improve productivity

Give us a call and we will help you find the best 2 way radios for your application and budget. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

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