Long Distance Walkie Talkies

Hi Friends,

Walkie talkies are the most durable, reliable and immediate way to communicate. Now distance is not an obstacle. 

Introducing Home Base. Home Base connects any two or more sites using walkie talkies/two way radios. Distance is not a factor with Home Base. Talk across campus, across the city or across the country. Home Base removes distance as a barrier to walkie talkie communications. 

Home Base is an affordable solution for hospitals, schools or businesses with multiple locations. Home Base is terrific for any organization or enterprise that needs to communicate between distant locations.

Home Base is a compact desktop unit that houses a base station and internet adaptor. Home Base connects to your computer via cable and USB plug.

Home Base sells for $999 and includes: base station, internet adaptor, antenna,  USB cable and all programming. 

A broadcast or signal from a hand held walkie talkie (or any other 2way radio or repeater) is received by the base station and sent through the adaptor over the internet to another similarly equipped location. There is no limit to the number of sites that can be connected. Additionally there is no distance limitation.

Our Home Base App for Smart Phone let’s you use your smart phone to talk directly with your staff using walkie talkies anywhere your smart phone is active.

Are you already using 2 way radios? Home Base can be programmed to work with your existing equipment.

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Manzie R Lawfer