New Appliances

Hi Friend,

We bought new kitchen appliances last year. New refrigerator, microwave, washer dryer, stove and new dish washer.

The new refrigerator has a built in water filter for making ice and dispensing drinking water. The new refrigerator is a real game changer for us. Our old refrigerator dispensed water but there was no filter… just tap water dispensed through the refrigerator.

We have been hauling bottled water from the grocery for years. Now whether day or night we just pull up to the refrigerator and are delighted to find sparkling clear drink water.

The new dish washer is another story. I’ll be honest with you… I have no idea how a dish washer works or what goes on inside the washer after I push the start button.

The Princess knows. She can hear a malfunction from three rooms away.

After dinner I pack up the dishwasher and hit the start button. The machine makes some gurgling noises and by the time I get to my recliner the washer switches to a swishing sound.

I never hear it but the ever alert Princess discerns a small ping and is able to identify it as a teaspoon misaligned or a plate in the wrong position. I am dispatched to correct malfunction.

I wipe the steam from my glasses after opening the washer door and peer inside. I don’t see anything wrong. I never see anything wrong. I carefully close the door and restart the wash cycle. The errant noise immediately returns. I repeat this process several times before the Princess intervenes and points out the problem.

My question is, “Why was I dispatched to correct the problem in the first place?”

Problem solving should be apportioned to the person most talented for the specific issue. The Princess should be in charge of all mechanical issues emanating from the kitchen or laundry room and I should be assigned to operating our TV remote control.

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Best Wishes,