Affordable Desktop Radio

Hi Friends,


Do you remember descriptive nick names?  I have a friend we call Bucky. After he wore braces for a couple of years there seemed little reason to refer to Louis W. Peacore as Bucky but the name stuck. Even with straight teeth he is still Bucky Peacore.

Charles Lindbergh was nicknamed Slim by his friends until he crossed the Atlantic in 1927. Thereafter he was known as Lucky Lindbergh. Blinky, Porky and Slats used to be common nicknames. I have no idea what Slats refers to. Quincy Jones referred to  his friend Michael Jackson as Smelly. Quincy said the way people gathered around Michael  it was as if they could smell him.

Products had nicknames also. The Piper Cherokee Aircraft was known for its “Hersey Bar” wing design. That airplane’s wings were built in the same proportion as the famous candy bar.

In the spirit of descriptive nicknames we proudly announce the introduction of our “Soap Bar” desktop radio. This radio looks like a large bar of soap with an antenna. The Soap Bar radio plugs into a wall outlet and sits on any flat surface. No need for batteries or chargers. The desktop radio works seamlessly with all the other radios at your school or business.

The Soap Bar desktop radio is full powered and great for the front office or anywhere crystal clear immediate communications are needed. The Soap Bar desktop radio sells for only $345 including shipping.

Here’s what is really cool: The Soap Bar desktop radio is available in Orange Crush Orange, Baby Blue, Cream or Granny Smith Sparkle Green (call for availability of your  school colors).

No more nasty old black radio on your desk. Try the all new Soap Bar desktop radio in your favorite color today.

I am glad we are not selling the Stinky, Shorty, Scrappy or who knows what else base station radios.

Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy and colorful. Call us today at 239-601-1969.

Best Wishes,