Another Gold Star

One of our favorite radios is the Tekk X1000 series. The Tekk X1000 comes in several different versions. Usually customers that use the Tekk radios buy the same version each time so there is conformity in their radio fleet…or herd…or flock…or gaggle. I’m not really sure how to refer to a group of radios.

Last week a customer ordered a couple more Tekk X1000 radios. We were out of their specific version and Jay sent a different version. A few days later the customer called and asked why they were sent a different radio than they usually get. Jay told them we would be out of their version till after the first of the year, “I sent the equipment I did so you would not be without the radios you need. Use them till we get resupplied and then we’ll send your regular radios and have the others picked up by UPS. Or if you like them you can keep them.”

The customer told us, “That’s terrific! Most companies wouldn’t have done anything and when I called they’d just tell me they were out till after the first of year. You guys at 2 Way Radio Express are the best.” Another gold star for us.

Best Wishes,