Are You Noopapena?

I don’t understand why, but Thursdays are usually the slowest day of the week for our 2 way radio business. On Thursdays the phone seldom rings. The phone has not been ringing off the hook the last 12 months but on Thursday it has rang the least.

We usually make more out bound calls on Thursdays than any other day of the week. We subscribe to a service (Sales Genie) that provides us with lists of people to call. Most people hate to make out bound sales calls. We don’t seem to mind making calls.

Our sales approach is very straight forward. “Hi (fill in the name of the person you are calling). This is Manzie. You and I have not met but we are in the 2 way radio business. I am calling to see if you and I can do business.” At this point the fellow I’m calling says, “Tell me more” or “We already have radios,” or “We don’t use radios.”

It really doesn’t matter what he says I am just trying to introduce myself and hope that he lets me send him my contact information or information on some of our two way radios. However, more often than not, I am leaving a voice message on the prospect’s phone. I only talk to an actual person about 1 out of 10 calls.

With my first name, “Manzie” you can imagine some of the problems I’ve had. It was worse in elementary school but it is still not easy being a “Manzie.” You would think that with a name like mine I would be sympathetic and I guess I am.

Just between you and me there are really some striking advantages to having an odd name. People remember me. People never ask, “Manzie, who,” or “which Manzie is this?” I have to admit as an adult it has been a pretty good name.

Here’s the deal, on a typical Thursday we will make about 100 out bound calls looking for people that would like to buy 2 way radios or 2 way radio equipment from us. We call Davids, we call Bettys, we call Harrys and Larrys and Joes. But we also call Farqoos, Megaloosas, Appoloosas and Quintalas. If we call you on some Thursday late in the day and you are a Muckulas or Noopapena please be patient if we mispronounce your name.

You kind consideration is always appreciated.

Best Wishes,