Back to School Again 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

Today is my granddaughter, Mackenzie’s first day back at school. Mackenzie is starting the fifth grade in Peru, New York. Go Indians! Looking at the photo on FaceBook of her bus pulling away is both a sad and happy image. A great summer vacation is over but hopefully a great school year is beginning.

Schools all over the country are back in session. About a third of our customers are schools and colleges. We do business with schools in all 50 states. Schools use two way radios to increase safety, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Schools are safer when immediate communications are available. Two way radios provide instant communication at the push of a button.

Schools are more efficient when two way radios save steps and provide crystal clear communication throughout the campus.

Schools are more productivity when work can be done more quickly with the use of two way radios.

We can help your school with new radios, radio repairs, replacement batteries, on campus repeaters or any 2 way radio equipment you need.

Most important we can help diagnosis 2 way radio problems you may be having and help you find the best equipment for your application and budget.

2 Way Radio Express offers school specials and we accept your old radio trade-ins.

Many of our school customers are using the Tekk X100 radios. These radios are durable, compact, easy to use and come with a full 4 year warranty. Even the battery is guaranteed for 4 years. The Tekk X100 is available to schools with our buy 5 and get the 6th for free special. Would you like to try a pair of Tekk X100 at your school for free?

Give us a call today at 239-601-1969. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer