Beeping and Buzzing on Business 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

Is your 2 way radio beeping and buzzing. This can be and should be a good thing. Two way radios for business use can be programmed to sound a short beep at the being of every transmission. This alerts the user of an incoming message.

The same beeping sound can be programmed to announce the end of transmission. These beeps are called leading and trailing beeps.

Other sounds are also available for programming. There are buzzes, bells and horns.

These sounds basically replace the old “Roger” or “Over” or “Over and Out.”

Leading and trailing beeps seem like a great idea until you actually being to use them. After an hour or two of hearing beeping noises the users enthusiasm begins to wane. Instead of helpfully alerting the user to an in coming message the beep becomes more of an irritation.

Generally we recommend not using leading or trailing beeps.

We do however recommend the use of “time out.” Time out is another programming feature found on most commercial grade 2 way radios.

Time out determines how long a radio can continually transmit. For example, most radio messages are fairly short, typically less than 10 seconds. Radios are designed with this brief message as an assumption. Of course you can talk as long as you hold down the push to talk button. But at some point the radio will begin to over heat and others users also begin to over heat because someone is hogging the radio.

Time out prevents these episodes. Time out can be programmed to limit transmissions to a maximum time. Most often we program time out at 15 seconds but this can be extended up to a minute or more.

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Manzie R Lawfer