Business Two Way Radios – Tater Tots

Hi Friends,

My friends John and Charlie came to visit for the afternoon recently. John was in Miami shopping for a food truck, Charlie was along for the ride.

John retired a year or two ago and now he is looking for another adventure. He has seen food trucks featured on TV and it captured his imagination.

Food truck have been around a long time but more recently they have become more fashionable and far more gourmet. The old food trucks stood guard outside factories. They dispensed egg salad sandwiches and bags of corn chips. The new wave of food trucks feature gourmet treats that are unavailable any where else.

The new food trucks are stationed outside offices where discerning lunch goers choose between the redfish tacos or the ground lamb kabobs. It is not just convenience that brings the customers it is the unique offerings.

John told me about a food truck in Los Angeles that features adult tater tots. ‘Adult tater tots’ conjures up images that do not seem kin to the potato but these are just extraordinarily good tater tots. Probably too good to waste on immature taste buds.

John told me that the guy with the tater tot truck sells out everyday. At some point during the lunch rush this guy steps outside the truck and announces to a crowd of hungry office workers, “I’m sorry folks but we have sold out of tater tots.”

This is the best part, instead of being mad and declaring that they will never come back to this guy’s truck, they walk away determined to show up earlier tomorrow.

Since John told me this story I have been experimenting with tater tot recipes. I don’t want to sell them I just want to try them and Los Angeles is a long ride from Naples.

Here’s what I think is amazing: Someone took an ordinary thing and made it extraordinary. So extraordinary that people line up to buy. So extraordinary it inspires others to pursue their passion and dreams. That’s the terrific thing about entrepreneurship. You can take your passion and make your dreams come true.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer