Comcast Is No 2 Way Radio

Hi Friends,

We moved over a week ago but our telephones and internet did not move with us. We are an internet business. Nearly all of our customers come from the internet. We communicate with our customers by phone, fax and email. None of these conveyances have been available for more than a week.

I should restate that…our phones, internet and fax have been available on a very limited basis.

We called Comcast to try and get someone over right here away but no one was available to come over right away. Everyday for the past week when I see a Comcast truck on the road or at Wendy’s or McDonald’s I think “I bet that guy is available.”

Do you remember the old Jimmy Buffett song “If The Phone Doesn’t Ring It’s Me”? In our case if the phone doesn’t ring it is Comcast.

In frustration I called AT&T on my cell phone. AT&T is our cell phone provider. The woman that answered said I could use my cell phone as hot spot to provide internet connectivity. Our 800 number was already call forwarded to my cell. So for more than a week my iPhone has been the communications hub for 2 Way Radio Express.

I usually don’t use my cell phone a tremendous amount and I can get by recharging my phone every couple of days. But since my cell phone is doing all this extra stuff it needs nearly constant charging.

If you use 2 way radios you know that 2 way radios don’t have any of these problems. If you need more 2 way radios just call us. We will send new radios to you right away. We pretty much ship your new radios the same day you place the order. No waiting for connection or for a repair man to come out.

Let us help you find the best 2 way radios for you needs and budget. Call us at 239-601-1969. The number may be directed to my cell phone but it still works.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer