Digital Radio

In the early 1980’s personal computers were becoming more and more available. An IBM PC/XT cost nearly $10,000 at that time but businesses of all kinds were buying them.

Do you remember secretaries? Secretaries did most of the typing and filing and administrative tasks in every office.

When the IBM PC/XT first appeared people thought it was a swell machine but didn’t really understand its significance until various applications became available.

As soon as word processing, accounting and simplified customer record keeping programs were developed you could kiss your secretary good bye.

As expensive as the early computers were they cost less than having a secretary. The good news was secretaries didn’t lose their jobs. Computers made them more efficient and more valuable. Secretaries became admins and expanded their responsibilities and capabilities.

We are on the verge of a similar phenomenon: the introduction of the digital 2 way radio. Digital 2 way radios cost about twice as much as a regular analog 2 way radio.

Two way radios have been used mostly for just talking. Push the button and talk. Let go of the button and listen.

Digital radios talk. Digital radios talk about 20% further than regular analog radios. Digital radios also make it easier to call everyone at once or just one person at a time. In addition to talking, digital two way radios track and text. Digital radios can be equipped with GPS tracking and texting features.

The real story here is that digital 2 way radios are like computers in that it is not the computer that is the big story. It is the applications or programming that is the big story.

Programming that is specific to various business applications are being developed for digital 2 way radios. These applications will be for nursing homes, factories, schools and many other places of business, education and industry. These applications will make  workers more productive, safer and more efficient. Once you see what a digital radio can do the additional cost will be meaningless.

The future of 2 way radios is digital. If you want to talk digitally give us a call.

Best Wishes,