Dr. Wilson’s Memory Elixir and Hair Tonic

Hi Friends,

I have a wide variety of interests including: automotive, electronics, music, natural health and of course two way radios. My mailboxes (both email and the snail mail box outside our office) are typically stuffed with advertisements that reflect my seemingly unrelated interests.

Yesterday I got a catalog that offered lotions that cure arthritis, headbands that reduce migraine pain, treatments for toe and fingernail fungus, cushions and pillows that completely alleviate back discomfort, shoe inserts to add height, tonics that grow new hair, oils that grow new hair, lotions that grow new hair, special magnets that improve the disposition and general health, creams that remove wrinkles and and on and on…

I doubt if any of these things really work or if they do work if they are as effective as the advertisements proclaim. In spite of my lack of belief there is an entertainment value to these ads. It is akin to the medicine shows of days gone by. I don’t know if this stuff will grow hair but it sure is fun to drink.

For years I have been making the claim that radios pay for themselves in 6 weeks or less. Is the claim true or false? It’s true! It’s true! Two way radios do pay for themselves in 6 weeks or less. Here’s how.

If your workers are making $10 an hour and 2 way radio save an hour a day in ‘walking around trying to find Henry’ then 2 way radios will save $50 per week. Believe me and everyone else that regularly uses 2 way radios: your productivity and efficiency improvements will be greater than 1 hour a day. Fifty bucks a week for 6 weeks is $300. Our average commercial grade two way radio sells for less than $300. Bingo! Two way radios pay for themselves in 6 weeks or less.

Two way radios are better than Dr. Wilson’s Memory Elixir and Hair Tonic.

Let us help you find the best 2 way radio equipment for your application and budget. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer