God Bless You Johnny Bench

Hi Friends,

Nearly a year ago, the health conscious Joy Ann injured a leg muscle. Since that time her discomfort has eased and surged but has been consistently present. She describes the injury as inflammation and has tried all sorts of remedies.

Aspirin blocks the pain but is only temporary and has its own side effects. Heat treatments and ice pack treatments offer a little relief but are only practical when she is home. She has made dramatic changes in her diet to address the issues of inflammation but hasn’t gotten the comfort she is seeking.

Shortly before Christmas we were at the grocery store. We stopped in the healthcare aisle. We were considering the merits of pain relief ointments the likes of Ben Gay and  Absorbine Jr when what to our wandering eye did we find but Blue Emu.

We did not know anything about Blue Emu except we had seen Johnny Bench (the retired Cincinnati Reds ball player) on television as the spokesperson for this product.

Blue Emu comes in a small jar and sells for less than $6. The directions were simply rub some into the affected area. There were no side effects.

Two things happened: Blue Emu works and the effectiveness is so dramatic it has captured our interest in researching its other uses.

Blue Emu is a brand and is a specific formula of emu oil and other ingredients for pain relief. Emu oil is offered by other companies in other formulation for other uses.

Montana Emu Ranch offers 100% pure emu oil that can be used to treat burns, insect bites, acne and a host of other ailments. This stuff works.

I love it when a product does what it says it will do. If it had not been for Johnny Bench we wouldn’t know. God bless you Johnny Bench.

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Manzie R Lawfer