Google Yourself

Do you ever Google yourself? Do you ever type your name into the Google Search Window and sit back to see what the world knows about you?

I have an uncommon name. When I search on my name I know the Google results are about me or my son (who coincidentally enough has the same name).

A few years ago I wrote the book, “Why Customers Come Back.” This book is still available at Amazon and other bookseller. Additionally, “Why Customers Come Back” is featured in hundreds of libraries all over the world. So there are several Google entries reflecting the connection of my name to the book.

I also wrote, “The Little Green Radio Book” which appears several places on the internet and my name is present on the 2 Way Radio Express website.

There are dozens of articles on the internet with my byline and some study groups and seminars are built around around the quote “Customer loyalty is not an emotion or an opinion, it is an activity” that give credit to me.

To further expand the glory of my popularity there are several press releases that identify me as the President of 2 Way Radio Express and of course don’t forget Facebook and Linked In.

According to Google my name is on nearly 7000 webpages. This is really surprising to me considering I’m a guy that rides a bicycle to work and seldom wears long pants.

I never look past page 20 or 30 when I Google my name but I’m sure by page 200 parking tickets, overdue library books and other various skeletons from my past are disclosed.

The internet is not an obituary however if I am going to be remembered for something I’d liked to be remember for helping people. An argument can be made that writing a book or submitting articles is helping people but I like a more face to face encounter.

My need and desire to help others is most fulfilled when talking to customers and prospects. I may not be dispensing life or death information however  helping customers find the best equipment for their budget is highly satisfying.

Showing customers and prospects how 2 way radios improve safety, increase efficiency and boost productivity is what I really do.

Best Wishes,