Hands Free Voice Activated 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

Two way radios are amazing devices. Two way radios can be programmed to send signals that open or close switches, talk to pagers, sound alarms and do a thousand other chores.

Two way radios can be programmed to be activated by sounds. For example, you are operating a complex piece of equipment that requires your constant control with both hands and you want to talk on your two way radio. (Think race car or one of those cranes they used to build skyscrapers.) In these situations the sound of the human voice opens the radio and broadcasts the message. When you stop talking the radio stops broadcasting. Typically the radio has to be programmed to operate in the “voice activated mode” and a “voice activated” earpiece or headset is used.)

Stay with me on this. The biggest difficulty in using voice activated radios is the inability of the radio to discern the difference in sounds. For example, you are riding a horse and want to use a 2 way radio. Voice activation seems like a good idea.  You can maintain balance, not take your hands off the reins and still talk on the radio. Not so fast. Most folks that are riding on a horse are continually making guttural sounds caused by bouncing up and down on the great beast. The radio can not determine whether you are sending a message or just grunting and groaning. Because the voice activation is indiscriminate the radio stays open broadcasting every wheeze. Not only can this be embarrassing but it blocks out other radios from being able to broadcast. The usual solution is an expensive and cumbersome headset that filters out unwanted sounds.

All is not lost. 2 Way Radio Express sells affordable audio devices with convenient and remote push to talk buttons. Our earpieces come with microphones that clip to shirt collars or lapels and are easily operated without having to remove your radio from your waistband or belt. We even have oversized push to talk buttons for ease of use.

Give us a call and let us help you solve your 2 way radio problems. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

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Manzie R Lawfer