Heading Out of the Country? Take Your 2 Way Radios

Friends of ours recently traveled to Guatemala and they were doing a lot of sightseeing. At one point, one of them got separated from the group at Tikal, a large Mayan ruin. Trying to find everyone else in a gigantic archeological site full of tourists could have been a nightmare if they hadn’t brought along two way radios. Within minutes, they met up at one of the pyramids and continued on with their sightseeing.

One of the biggest problems with traveling in another country is that your cell phone might not work. Two way radios, on the other hand, don’t care what country you’re in. You could even be at sea and you could still communicate within the range of your 2 way radio.

The only thing you need to remember is to check which adapters you need to bring with you when you travel, since not all electric outlets are the same. There are kits available with all the possible variations you might want, no matter where you go in the world with your radios.

Two way radios can be very useful in all sorts of situations, as I’ve been sharing on this blog for months now, but that’s especially true if you’re in a foreign country where language barriers make it even more difficult to find someone who’s lost. Make sure you have your 2 way radios on hand for traveling, along with the appropriate adapters for charging them and you’ll always be prepared.