Hi friends, Al Purnell here.

I grew up in Louisville Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Kentucky and I still follow both University of Louisville and University of Kentucky basketball on television.

On Saturday the Louisville Cardinals squared off against Marquette and the Kentucky Wildcats faced LSU.

Both of my teams won but neither game was memorable. What was memorable was the Purnell’s Old Folks Sausage commercials that played during both basketball games.

Al Purnell is the owner and spokesperson for the Simpsonville Kentucky company and has a very distinct verbal delivery that includes his trade mark, “it’s gooo-od.”

I am told by my niece Ellie, who lived in Chicago for a few years while she finished law school, that several local bars feature Al Purnell impersonation competitions. The idea is to get a  dumb look on your face and say “it’s gooo-od” as slowly as you can. A lesser man may be insulted by these shenanigans but not Al Purnell.

In the television commercial Al Purnell is shown wearing his Old Folks baseball cap while he prepares a skillet full of his family’s recipe sausage. He declares, “Hi friends. Al Purnell here,” and then he lowers his voice and announces, “the Sausage Man.” He describes how to most effectively open the plastic container and slice the sausage into patties. It is a very appetizing visual display. Al tells viewers that a family of 4 can eat a delicious dinner of eggs, biscuits and Purnell’s Old Folks sausage for about $7.

Here is why I love these commercials; he’s honest and natural, the commercial is instructive and his product is a great value.

Too often I see commercials loose their message in an attempt to be funny or artistic or are simply too obtuse to be of real value.

We sell 2 way radios. Like Al Purnell I try to be instructive, honest, natural and provide a great value. Our 2 way radios improve safety, increase efficiency and boost productivity. Two way radios don’t cost money they save money.

I’m the radio man. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,