I Haven’t Had A Waffle In Years

Hi Friends,

My nutrition conscious Joy Ann follows a limited gluten diet. She does not eliminate gluten from her diet entirely but she tries to avoid gluten whenever possible.

Last week I was grocery shopping. Can you imagine my delight when I discovered  “Gluten Free Bisquick” in the baking aisle at our neighborhood Publix.

Regular Bisquick is the basic building block of all baking to the culinary alchemist. Using Bisquick you can thicken soup and stews, make pie crust, bake a cake, make pizza dough, duplicate the Red Lobster cheesy biscuit recipe, make pancakes and waffles….

Whoa, stop right there. I haven’t had a waffle in years. (Joy Ann’s dietary limitations spill over to the whole household.)

Armed with new Bisquick we knew we had the technology to build a better waffle.

I began hunting for our waffle iron but we must have misplaced it or threw it out along the way (we tend to lighten our load from time to time like Steinbeck’s Joad family on their way to California).

Talk about good fortune; when we got to Bed Bath and Beyond they were having a sale on the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddle Grill. With our 20% off coupon we were entering a new phase of our life for only $80 plus tax.

The Cuisinart and new Bisquick performed even  better than we expected. Our waffles were light and crispy. Great flavor, great texture and no gluten. I would caution others than a whole box of new Bisquick makes way more waffles than 2 people can eat.

Did you know that waffles can be frozen?

I could not be more impressed with Cuisinart as a multi-purposed kitchen appliance. It does everything as advertised and it does it better than the single appliances it replaces.

The appreciative and thrifty Joy Ann is once again impressed with my eagle eye for finding the stuff to make our lives better. Thank you Biscuit and Cuisinart!

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer