I Ride My Bike to Work

Hi Friends,

I have a blue Trek Pure Sport bicycle. It is a great bike. The big feature of this bike is its pedal forward design. On a regular bicycle the pedals are directly below the seat. On my Trek the pedals are slightly forward of the seat. Instead of pedaling up and down my feet push slightly forward. It is a much more comfortable ride. No pain.

I have owned my Trek bicycle for nearly four years. I bought the bike “used” at the Trek store. The new price was $450. I bought my for just $200 and it still looked new.

All the bicycles I have owned in my life put together didn’t cost $450. I must admit it has been worth the price. The ever exercise conscious Joy Ann was so impressed with the fun I was having she demanded her own Trek bike. They didn’t have any used lady’s bike available so the Princess got a new black Trek.

My Trek is equipped with a fancy device that provides speed, temperature, time of date, calories burned and distance traveled information.

I ride my bike to the office. It is a little over a mile to the office. I ride to the office in the morning. I ride home at lunch time. Did I mention that I prepare a nutritional noon meal for Joy Ann most everyday? After lunch it is back on the bike for the afternoon session and then back home after work.

I have been doing this for nearly four years. My bicycle’s fancy odometer is showing 9582 miles. Other than a spritz or two of oil on the chain and new tires at 4000 miles I have done zero maintenance.

Bravo to the people at Trek. Bravo to me for riding all those miles. I suppose instead of being pudgy I’d be mammoth if I had not rode all those miles.

Here’s the deal: don’t you love it when something works.

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Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer