I Smashed My iPhone

My wife, the athletic Joy Ann, and I really enjoy riding our bikes. I began riding a bike regularly a few years ago. We were living close enough to the office that I could ride my bike to work.

At first, the always cautious, Joy Ann was concerned about my safety. A woman she knew had fallen off her bike and broke her hip. “You’re too old to be riding a bike,” she kindly advised.

Before long we bought a bike for Joy Ann and safety not withstanding she was also happily riding.

We have a regular route we take most afternoons. We ride down to the beach, along the length of the key, cut across the bridge, shoot down Old Trail and then back home. The whole trip is 6 and a half miles. We actually average more miles on our bikes than in the family car.

But this story isn’t about bikes, it is about phones. More specifically it is about my $500 Apple iPhone. On a recent bike ride my iPhone slipped out of its case when I went over a bump. The phone launched a few feet in the air and came to rest on the roadway where a car was able to run over it even though there was plenty of room to miss it or go around it or stop before driving over it and scoring a direct hit and completely destroying a $500 piece of equipment.

After a failed attempt to repair my phone with parts available on eBay (at the advice of the AT&T rep) I am now using a $15 phone for the next 7 weeks until I am eligible for an upgrade phone. This so called upgrade phone is actually not an upgrade at all but an exact duplicate of the phone that was destroyed. Joy Ann was kind enough to point out the misuse of the word upgrade. Thanks honey.

I guess I have no one else to blame. I was careless in carrying my phone on the bike. I smashed my phone. Do you detect a little anger in my tone?

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Best Wishes,