I’m Scared

I’ll be honest with you, I am scared. I am sacred that all of our manufacturing jobs are going overseas. More specifically too many of our manufacturing jobs are going to China, Malaysia and to other countries that do not have the same concerns as we do.

I do not think the Chinese care one whit about human rights or the environment or for that matter anything beside the self interest of their government. Our concerns for the well being of our citizens, fairness in the world and protecting our planet are of no concern to the Chinese.

I do not mean to pick on the Chinese because there are other countries that behave the same way however China is a major trading partner with the USA.

Here at 2 Way Radio Express we have made an effort not to sell Chinese goods. Sometimes we simply do not have a choice as the only source for a product is China but if we have any choice at all we buy non Chinese radios, accessories and batteries.

This is not just a political statement. We find most of the stuff that is made in China is junk or at the very best undependable and unreliable.

We find North American, Japanese, Korean and European made goods to be far superior. Goods and products from these countries operate better and last longer. Goods from these countries are consistent in quality and durability.

Just as important we feel we are competing on a level playing field. The Japanese, Koreans and Europeans treat their workers with dignity and pay them a fair and reasonable wage. They share our values regarding people and the environment.

On a level playing field America can compete with everyone.

I am not here to stand on a soap box and bore you with my opinions but I do want to share my thinking with you so you will know who we are and how we do business. Give us a call at 239-601-1969. Doing business with us is easy.

Best Wishes,