Intrinsically Safe Radios

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When electricity is discharged across a gap it is said to “spark”. Depending on the distance or gap sparking can be visible or may be so small as to be undetectable.

Visible or undetectable the spark can ignite anything in its path that is flammable. The more flammable the greater chance that a spark can ignite the material.

Sparking can occur with most any electrical device and even through a static electric discharge.

This spark can be very dangerous in areas of high flammability. Places where there are open containers of petroleum products or silos with flammable dust from agricultural products are particularly vulnerable.

Fortunately some 2 way radios are certified to not spark. These radios are called ‘Intrinsically Safe’ because they are built to not spark regardless of the circumstances.

Intrinsically Safe radios cost more than regular 2 way radios but guarantee safe operation in areas where there is a risk of explosion, ignition or fire.

Intrinsically Safe radios are certified by Factory Mutual Global to not spark. Factory Mutual Global is an industrial property insurance and risk management organization specializing in property protection. Factory Mutual Global establishes the criteria for certification and insures against the loss if there is a mishap.

Call 2 Way Radio Express for more information on Intrinsically Safe radios. Doing business with us is not only easy…. its safe.

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