Introducing The Pizzas and 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

My friends Mike Cook, Mike Carpenter, my son Grayson and I have a musical combo. We get together on Thursday nights and learn new and old songs. Typically we also play at Mulligan’s Sports Bar’s Open Mic once a month.

We try not to repeat songs at the open mic. Songs we performed last month or any prior month are off limits. This helps us focus on learning new material. It also helps us not re-live disastrous performances of the past – this is known as not making the same mistake twice. In golf this is coincidentally enough called a Mulligan or do-over. There aren’t any do-overs when you are performing live music.

We do not write or play original tunes. We simply cover other peoples songs. Our guidelines are to play uptempo songs and not do more than one tune from any single performer or act. We only do one Jimmy Buffet song, one Ray Charles song, one John Mellencamp song and so on. Last night we performed one song each from Eric Clapton, Maroon 5 and Bob Seeger.

Mulligan’s is packed to overflow on open mic nights. The guy that owns Mulligan’s offers half priced pizza on ‘open mic night’ to boost business even more. The place is swarming with young and old and the smell of fresh pizza pies.

Our group doesn’t have a name. We have kicked around a couple of ideas but nothing has stuck. We would like to have a name that is fun and something everyone likes but I’m not going to play in a band called pizza or The Pizzas or really any name referring to food or articles of clothing.

I really can’t fully describe how much fun it is for us to perform in front of a packed house. Beer, sodas and pizzas. Families having a great time. I get to play with my son and our friends. Life couldn’t be any better.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer