Introducing the Swivel

Earpieces with lapel mics are a popular 2 way radio accessory. The earpiece lets the radio user hear better in loud environments and also prevents others from over hearing radio transmissions in less noisy areas.

Earpieces let you talk and listen while leaving your radio attached safely to your belt. Because you don’t have to take off and put on your radio all day there is less chance of dropping or losing equipment. Earpieces really pay for themselves by extending the life of your radios.

Earpieces are used in restaurants, schools, retail stores, dental offices and anywhere privacy is important. Earpieces are also used at factories, entertainment venues, construction sites and anywhere sound quality and overcoming surrounding noise is an issue.

Most earpieces have a microphone that attaches to the user’s shirt collar or lapel. The microphone is about half the size of your little finger (this supposes that everyone has about the same size little finger). Generally these microphones are sensitive to the user’s voice but tend not to pick up surrounding noise.

Earpieces either fit just outside the ear canal or as in the case of a surveillance earpiece  actually are worn in the ear canal. The surveillance style are least conspicuous but also the least comfortable.

The ear hook and D ring style earpieces that are worn outside the ear canal are the most popular and most comfortable.

Now there is a new earpiece. Introducing the “swivel”. The swivel is the most comfortable and offers excellence sound quality for privacy and for use in loud environments. The swivel is available to fit most 2 way radios and sells for about $35. Because the swivel earpiece is made from hard plastic it can be wiped clean and sanitized when employees share radio equipment.

You can see an image of the swivel and most other earpieces on our website at  2 Way Radio Earpieces.

Give us a call if you’d like to try the new swivel earpieces. Doing business with us is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer