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Hand held 2 way radios let you talk immediately with everyone or just one person in your facility. Two way radios save steps and help you become more efficient and productive.

In the early days of two way radios there were only a few models from one or two manufacturers. Today there are many manufacturers and models available. Today’s  models vary greatly in size, weight and features.

If you are toting a radio around on your hip all day size and weight are important factors. In order to better describe the relative size and weight of a specific 2 way radio we have developed the “Ease of Carry” index.

The Ease of Carry (EOC) is the product of multiplying the height times the width times the depth times the weight in ounces of a radio. The final step is to find the square root of  this number. (note: My fifth grade teacher at St. Barnabas in Birmingham, Alabama taught how to calculate square roots the week I had my tonsils removed. I am therefore totally reliant on a $5 calculator for this final step.)

For example let’s find the EOC for our poplar Tekk X100. The Tekk X100 is 3.8 inches tall by 1.95 inches wide by 1 inch deep. The Tekk X100 weighs just 6 ounces. Our calculation is then 3.8 X 1.95 X 1 = 7.4 X the weight of 6 ounces = 44.46 (I can’t find the square root symbol on my computer but this is the spot where we apply the square root calculation to = 6.6678332. We round this number off to 7. Seven is the EOC value for the Tekk X100.

Using similar calculation we can determine the EOC for any radio. If you visit our website you will find the EOC for every hand held radio we sell. You can find this number by visiting the 2 way radio page and then clicking the link under the description. Once you are at the page for a specific radio you’ll find the EOC at the bottom of the specifications area. We can mix and match radios and they will still work together. Everyone at your facility does not have to use the same model radio but can choose a radio with the best EOC for them.

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