Laura, Nick and 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

My niece Laura is getting married. She is marrying Nick. Nick is from England and Laura works for Land Rover in England. They both have big jobs. The world is their oyster.

They chose Naples as the place to get married. Laura’s mom (my sister Marie) and dad (Matt) live here in Naples part of the year. Laura’s grandfather (my dad) also lives here in Naples. Of course my lovely Joy Ann and Jay and Grayson and Jay’s little girls and Grayson’s Donna all live here in Naples too. This place is swarming with relatives.

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving at Matt and Marie’s. All of Laura’s family and all of Nick’s family that had made the trip from England were together. There were over thirty people. Laura’s Uncle Joey and Aunt Janie were in town from Louisville. Enzo and Elenore were here from Pennsylvania. Enzo is my cousin but I have no idea what that makes him to Laura…a second cousin maybe? Is there such a thing as a second Uncle?

My sister Marie went to nursing school a lifetime ago and met her best friend Betty. I think they were roommates. At the same time Marie’s Matt was going to medical school and his roommate was Dick. Twists and turns of fate and they were all on a date together. I can’t remember who fixed who up with the other and it doesn’t make much difference now but Marie married Matt and Betty married Dick and they have all been best friends since then. What are the odds of all that happening?

Marie and Betty are still best friends. Matt and Dick are still best friends. It boggles the mind to think of all the good times and bad these friends have gone through. They have always lived in the same neighborhood. When one couple moved the other couple followed. There must be a thousand things that happened over the years to drive them apart. Everyone stayed married and everyone stayed best friends. And… what are the odds of all that happening?

Dick and Betty are in town for the wedding. They were at Marie’s for Thanksgiving. Serving 30 people a six course meal is no simple feat. As Marie swooped around the house making introductions and sure everyone was enjoying themselves Betty was in charge of the kitchen. They had been practicing for this since the first day they met at nursing school. Best friends are forever practicing how they can help and make a difference.

When I think of all the stuff I have to be thankful for, all the things I feel blessed to have, all the great memories and all the great plans… I can’t think of anything I am more thankful to see than my sister and her husband and their best friends.  People say, “in the end it is your family and friends that are most important.” My sister, and my brother in law Matt and his best friend Dick and my sister’s best friend Betty live it. They are inspirational.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer