Let’s Be Social About 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

And so…what do I believe the future of TWITTER AND FACEBOOK will be when it comes to commerce and  business? Will the impact increase or decrease? Will it completely change the way we do business? Or is it a “flash in the pan?”

The greatest lesson of early childhood development is the notion of separation. The lesson of being an individual, apart from our mother or any other individual.

We learn this lesson when we become mobile. When we first learn to crawl or toddle or walk we immediate experience our moving away from that person, place or thing behind us.  We can not be in two places at once and neither can anyone else.

Technology begins for the purpose of serving itself before it serves a practical purpose. There was no practical use for the airplane until after it  was invented, tested and produced in greater than single digit numbers.

Technology begins as a curiosity or an exploration rather than a solution. My Space, Facebook, Twitter and other social media began as answers to questions that had not been asked.

Television is a one way communication device. As a viewer television talks to me I do not talk to television.

This is a restatement of our early childhood lesson; the lesson of separation. We can not be in two places at once. Or can we?

Technology has produce a media that allows us to participate in distance conversations, discussion and even visual events and meetings. It allows us to stop and start our participation at will. It allows us to discriminate our presence in near and far places simultaneously.

This technology is ideal for commerce. It is immediate and it allows shoppers to constantly give feedback to sellers and providers on what is important, who it is important to, when it is important, where it is important and why it is important.

People want to do business with people. Most often people do not do business with people but instead do business with Walmart or Home Depot or Shell Oil or some other big company.

Social media allows people to interact with other people and be on the scene of every event and to be heard as well. I do not know if Facebook or Twitter or some other specific website is the ‘chosen one’ but I do know that social media is not a flash in the pan. Technology can be added to, but never undone. Another early childhood lesson is we can not un-know a person, place or thing.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer