Longest Range 2 Way Radios

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Hand held two way radios have an effective range of a mile or two. You may see 2 way radios advertised to broadcast 10 or 20 or even 30 miles. This is purely bogus.

All 2 way radios operate on line of site. That means the sending and receiving radios have to see each other or at least be in line to see each other in order to receive the signal. Buildings and other obstacles as well as the curvature of the earth tend to make sending and receiving radios unable to see each other.

Part of the line of site issue can be corrected by height. For example, the astronauts were able to talk from the moon to the earth with radios that didn’t have any more power than Kmart radios. They were able to accomplish this because the sending and receiving radios were in a straight line. (In theory they could see each other.)

A base station can talk to other base stations and hand held radios that are much further away because the base station antenna (mounted on a tower or roof top) can see further than a radio at ground level.

Police and fire personnel are able to talk over much greater distances because they use repeaters with antennas mounted on towers. In effective these repeater rebroadcast radio signals from great heights and can be linked to other repeaters to offer state wide coverage.

The newest method used to dramatically increase range and coverage area is Straight Talk. Straight Talk uses the internet to rebroadcast radio signals. With Straight Talk one radio can talk to other hand held radios anywhere on the planet earth. Straight Talk is being used on oil drilling platforms to talk to refineries, college campuses in one part of the state to talk to all the other campuses, businesses with multiple locations to communicate instantly with all the other branch locations. Straight Talk is effective and affordable.

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