Lose the Wheat Lose the Weight

Hi Friends,

A few months ago the ever inquisitive Joy Ann came across an article dissing wheat.  Wheat used to be good for us but the article claims that the wheat we eat today is genetically engineered and is no longer nutritious. As a matter of fact our modern bodies do not even recognize this altered wheat as food. Consequently our bodies store the stuff because it can’t figure out how to digest it. Then this stored non food creates inflammation in our joints.  What a mess!

Being the new age kind of guy I am I decided to stop eating wheat. At first it seemed like everything had wheat in it and there was nothing I could eat. There are some folks who are highly intolerant of gluten. These people convulse if there is a spec of wheat in anything they eat. I was not one of those people. I just wanted to refrain from wheat for a few months as a test. The article said “lose the wheat, lose the weight.” I am always enthused about losing a few pounds.

It has been about 3 months since I’ve eaten wheat. If I have lost any weight it has been minimal. I do feel good. I feel more flexible. I can’t touch the back of my head with my elbow or anything like that but I do feel more limber.

We discovered wheat-less crackers made from nuts, bread made from rice flour and pasta made from something we couldn’t pronounce that cost 3 times as much as regular pasta.

So my cousin Enzo and his wife Elenore are in town and we pick up a pizza from Peppi’s. Peppi’s is just across the street and has terrific pizza. But not for me. Did I not notice that a principle ingredient of pizza is WHEAT! I never had a problem with wheat until I stop eating wheat regularly. Two slices of Peppi’s finest and I felt terrible. I had the shakes and a fever and generally felt miserable.

Lesson learned? Not quite. It has been a few weeks since the Peppi’s episode. I don’t know why but on Sunday morning I had this craving for Bob Evans buttermilk pancakes. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that the principle ingredient of Peppi’s pizza is the same principle ingredient in Bob Evans buttermilk pancakes. I had the shakes and a fever and generally felt miserable.
I had the shakes and a fever and generally felt miserable.
The moral to this story is if you are going to lose the wheat lose it for good.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer