Loudness verses Volume

“Loudness” is a subjective term that describes your ear’s perception of a sound. On the other hand, “Volume” is an objective term that describes the amount of air that is being effected by sound. For example, if someone snapped their fingers close to your ear it would seem loud. However you would not be able to hear this sound in the next room. This is loudness not volume.

Volume is demonstrated in a movie theater when Leo DiCaprio whispers “I love you,” in Kate Winslet’s ear. The whisper is not loud but it fills the entire theater (it moves a large volume of air). Here we have lots of volume but very little loudness.

Earpieces fit around the ear like eyeglasses fit around your ear and have a small microphone that clips to your collar. Some earpieces actually fit in the ear canal. These 2 way radio accessories provide loudness. The sound coming through the earpiece is greater than other sounds in the area. There is very little volume. No one else in the area can hear the sound. Loudness in an earpiece is used to over come volume in a specific area. People that work in a noisy factory use earpieces with their 2 way radios because the earpiece overcomes the volume of sound in the factory.

A shoulder style speaker mic produces volume. The shoulder style speaker mic (like the police use) is attached to an epaulet or shirt collar close to the users ear. The speaker mic moves a column of air directed to the user’s ear. The more air it moves the less it needs to be loud.

One of the considerations in choosing an earpiece or speaker mic is to determine if you are trying to overcome loudness or volume.

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Manzie  R Lawfer