My High School Reunion

Hi Friends,

The insightful JoyAnn has a talent for predicting someone’s age based only on their name. For example if your name is Betty, Judy or Martha, my JoyAnn would predict you are over sixty years old. She is much better at this than I am presented here but she is not around at the moment to give me more examples.

I’m sixty eight years old and this is the year of my 50th high school reunion. Facebook has changed everything about finding old classmates. As the reunion date edges closer I am seeing more and more friend requests from Bettys, Toms and Dougs.

There was a Danny in my class who has been located and contacted for the reunion. All the Joeys, Dannys, Billys and Bobbys have dropped the “y” from their name are now straight up Joes, Dans, Bills and Bobs.

One day, fifty years ago at our high school assembly, the recently located Danny was sitting in the row just in front of me. He was eating an apple. The thing that was memorable; after he finished eating the regular part of the apple he just kept going. He ate the core. He ate the seeds. He ate the whole apple. If there was a stem and a leaf he would have eaten those. I had never seen anyone eat and entire apple. A horse would eat a whole apple but not a high school student.

Danny was Jewish. Danny may have been the only Jewish person in our school. I never paid much attention to the Jewish faith but Danny would often declare he was Jewish. I didn’t know anything about Jewish people. I was raised Catholic and had my own problems understanding my church.

Knowing Danny was Jewish and seeing him eat the entire apple somehow got linked together. Now as our high school reunion approaches I think of Danny eating the entire apple and wonder if he still practices his Jewish faith.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer