Now She Is Jogging

Hi Friends,

Most mornings I ride my bicycle through the neighborhood and down to the beach. I travel down the key that runs along the beach for a couple of miles. The total trip is six and a half miles.

Most mornings I see the same people either walking, jogging or biking. Because Naples is a resort community some people are only here during “season” while others are year round residents.

I usually wave good morning to everyone I pass. The reserved Joy Ann not so much so. She only waves to people she knows and typically isn’t very approving of my outgoing gestures. Joy Ann reminds me these people don’t want their space invaded and they didn’t come out to socialize.

I may have a little beagle in me. I greet everyone as if the war just ended.

There is one woman I have seen most mornings for years. She is a year round resident. She is plump. She is pretty but she is plump. She appears to be the same size today as she was 10 years ago when I first saw her.

I remember seeing her years ago strolling along the same path I bicycle. Over the years she has increased her speed. She increased her speed from a stroll to a walk, then a fast walk and on to a near trot. I saw her this morning and she was jogging. She was wearing a headband but I still recognized her. She was jogging and she was just as plump as ever.

If she is exercising to lose weight it is not working. Maybe she is exercising to just maintain her weight….in which case I guess it is working just fine.

I use to wave good morning to her but she never returned the wave. From time to time I have wanted to say good morning or offer encouragement but she seem so stern in her rebuff of my greetings that I have learned to simply not acknowledge her.

And now she is jogging. If she would have waved back at least she could say she has one more friend today.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer