Quickly 4 Things

Hi Friends,
Blue tooth is now available for 2 way radios. Blue tooth technology allows 2 way radio users to wear earpieces or speaker mics that are wireless. No wire between the radio and the speaker mic or earpiece. This device is compatible with thousands of readily available blue tooth headsets and earpieces. Not including the radio or earpiece the bluetooth option is about $150 for most radios.

Blue tooth radio accessories are great for hospitality applications like restaurants, bars, casinos and hotels. Jimmy is our resident hospitality expert. Jimmy was a consultant to the hospitality industry before joining 2 Way Radio Express. Let Jimmy help you find the best 2 way radios and accessories for your business.

Do you need more radio equipment that you can currently budget? You may be interested in our leasing program. Leasing lets you pay for your 2 way radio equipment over 12, 24 or 36 months (or we can customize a plan for you). At the end of the lease you own the equipment. We have a short form lease application or you can call and we will take your information over the phone. Leases are usually approved the same day they are submitted.

Two way radios can increase efficiency, safety and productivity at your school, business or government agency. Give us a call. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer