Reason #457

Hi friend,

My wife is the coordinator of education for the Philharmonic Center here in town. This is a very busy time of year for her.

Her department is responsible for recruiting and training young people to perform in several Christmas events. Some of these events are youth choral performances and others are larger performances that feature the youth choral.

The Philharmonic Center campus has entrances and exits on all sides and there are roadways on all four sides as well. My wife has the responsibility for the logistics of moving nearly 100 kids on to and off of the stage. Additionally she makes sure all the kids get picked up after the concert.

After a concert there are children and parents and patrons coming and going in all directions. It isn’t my cup of tea but my wife is a master at this sort of thing.

One of the ways she is able to execute these events flawlessly is by using 2 way radios. She has a perfect record of no kids lost, no kids damaged and no kids who have spent the night in a drafty theatrical house because their parents couldn’t find them.

She uses 2 way radios to communicate backstage during performances and with parking attendants after the show. Guess who provides the radios? Dut Dut Daaa! 2 Way Radio Express is the official provider of radios to my wife.

And this is reason #457 to only buy radios from 2 Way Radio Express.

Best Wishes

Manzie R Lawfer