Ritron Two Way Radio Base Station

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There are 3 kinds of 2 way radios. There are hand held 2 way radios, mobile 2 way radios and base station 2 way radios.

Hand held 2 way radios are just that: held in the users hand. Mobile 2 way radios are mounted in vehicles. Base station 2 way radios are stationary at a given location.

Fundamentally mobile 2 way radios and base station 2 way radios are the same. It is how they are mounted and used that differs.

The same mobile 2 way radio that is mounted in a car or truck is used in a base station 2 way radio. The mobile version is powered by the vehicles battery while the base station version is powered by regular AC current through a wall plug. Because the base station uses house current a power supply must be used to “clean the signal” and convert from AC to DC current.

Additionally a vehicle mounted mobile 2 way radio needs an antenna that is also mounted on the vehicle. The base station 2 way radio uses an antenna that is usually mounted on the roof or the highest point in the building where the base station is used.

A base station 2 way radio has the advantage of a better and more productive antenna, more stable power supply and the reliability of always being in the same place. Folks who use hand held radios are often challenged with wondering where their radio went.

We offer several versions of 2 way radio base stations. Our least costly and most basic 2 way radio base station is the Ritron base station. Ritron is the brand. Ritron manufacturers their equipment in Carmel, Indiana. The Ritron base station is available in either VHF or UHF. It is a 10 channel radio and sells for $345. We can program a  Ritron base station to work seamlessly with your existing radios.

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