Save the 2 Way Radio

Hi Friends,

Commercial grade two way radios are built to meet or exceed Military Specification. This means a typical day in the life of a two way radio can include getting dropped, shaken, vibrated, heated to over 100 degrees and cooled below minus 30. In spite of these rigors the radio will survive.

Commercial grade two way radios are tough. They are built to take a beating and continue to perform.

Something a radio can not survive. Being dropped from more than just a few feet can kill a radio. Too much water or moisture kills radios. Getting run over by equipment has destroyed more than one radio. And the most heartbreaking death for a radio is abandonment. Thousand of radios are simply lost on the work site every year.

Fortunately man invented the speaker mic. Speaker mics plug into the audio port on the side of a radio and are clipped to a lapel, shirt pocket or collar. Because the radio user talks and listens through the speaker mic there is no need to remove the radio from the user’s belt or waist band.

When speaker mics are used nearly all the dangers a radio might become victim to are removed. This is particularly true of abandonment.

We would like to encourage the use of speaker mics. When you purchase new commercial grade radios from 2 Way Radio Express we will include speaker mics at half price. Speaker mics sell for $55 to $125 each but for a limited time they are half price when you purchase new radios.

Doing business with us is easy.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer